Workshop Overview

The CFAR Biostatistics and Computational Biology Core is running two workshops for Duke researchers teaching the use of the R statistical programming language for basic data analysis. The course is designed for people trained in biology, and no previous programming or statistical experience is necessary.

Workshop 1 will cover the use of RStudio and introduce basic data manipulation, analysis and visualization. Workshop 2 will cover further statistical inference techniques (checking model assumptions, non-parametric tests, multiple comparisons, power and sample size calculations) as well as an introduction to programming in R.


Participants must provide their own laptops (Windows, Mac, or Linux). Prior to the workshop, please install R version 3.0.1 as well as RStudio version 0.97.551. We strongly recommend you read this (very) short introduction to R before the workshop. Do not worry if it is confusing, we will cover all the topics in the workshop.

You Must Pre-Register

Acceptance is first-come first-serve, but CFAR investigators and their trainees will have priority. Preference will be given to participants who can attend both workshops.

Please note that lunch is not provided.

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